Basic Vocational Studies

Vocational nursing

Nursing is one of the main health-care professions which is based on the systematized body of multi-disciplinary and specific nursing knowledge and skills. The profession is aimed at preserving, maintaining and improving health of entire population as well as treatment, rehabilitation and resocialization of the ill. For achieving this function, a functional, effective and flexible education system is necessary, which will enable students to gain knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for efficient integration into the world of labour and continuation of education.

Course List – vocational nursing

Vocational physiotherapist

Physiotherapists help sick and injured people with improving mobility, easing pain and preventing and mitigating permanent consequences of illnesses and injuries. The role of a physiotherapist extends to include prevention of pain and diseases of locomotor system by educating people about correct posture and movement. They continuosly monitor patient’s condition and progress, and as necessary, adjust the physiotherapy program. In their work, and through education, physiotherapists can develop special skills needed for work in pediatrics, gerontology, orthopaedics, neurology, cardiology, gynaecology or in the field of sports medicine.

Course List – vocational physiotherapist