Vocational College

Medika College for Vocational Studies in Healthcare

Health preservation and improvement is a basic and primary need of a contemporary man, so the reasons for educating professional staff in the field of health are real and justified. New health protection system reform, adopted by the government of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Health, has singled out the primary health protection and the need for engaging a higher number of highly educated staff who will deal with the issues of prevention. New and modern approaches in the investigation and prevention of certain illnesses have been set up, thus creating a great need for adequately qualified staff who will implement appropriate protection measures. Healthy conditions and healthy lifestyles are a basic prerequisite for a healthy population capable for work.

The tendency of a contemporary society to become a part of the EU requires highly educated staff in the field of medical sciences. Medika College for Vocational Studies in Healthcare is an independent institution of higher education realizing three-year studies (180 ECTS points) at the study programs:

  • Vocational nursing (number of students – 60)
  • Vocational physiotherapist (number of students – 40)

It also provides a two-year Master program (120 ECTS points):

  • Management in Health Care (number of students – 21)

The education plan and programme for vocational nurse and vocational physiotherapist is harmonized with the international and EU standards / principles of Munich and Bologna declarations, Directives 2005/36/EZ and 2013/55/EU, Law on Regulated Professions and the Recognition of Professional Qualifications and requirements of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy – WCPT/. The high level of studying efficacy will be ensured by the work conditions, program and appropriate teaching staff. Medika College for Vocational Studies in Healthcare follows current trends in education, applies modern teaching methods and aids with a focus on individual and practical work. The accrediation and work permit: Medika College for Vocational Studies in Healthcare from Belgrade holds the work permit of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development issued as per positive opinion of the National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance no. 612-00-00318/6/2019-03 dated 30. 9. 2019.



Medika College for Vocational Studies in Healthcare aims to connect people by the internationalization of curriculum and international cooperation and thus promote teaching staff and students, as well as to contribute through projects, cooperation with eminent scientists and scientific research  to the development of society and influence the quality of higher education in Serbia, Europe and the world.



Medika College for Vocational Studies in Healthcare will work on raising the scientific competencies of employees and the mobility of teaching, non-teaching staff and students. This will affect the improvement of the education of students in Serbia, as well as the education of foreign students in our country. In addition, Medika College for Vocational Studies in Healthcare will actively liaise with higher education institutions in the EU in order to establish partnerships and joint participation in projects.