Information for students

Dear students,

“Medika College for Vocational Studies in Healthcare” is in process of joining ERASMUS programme. While this does not directly influence teaching courses and your obligations, once we join the Interna scientific community, we might be able to provide guest lecturers that will give otherwise unavailable and valuable addition to knowledge we are already giving you. As part of students mobility programme, foreign students might be our most welcome guests, and you will play a big role here. Also, some of our best students will be invited to visit other health care colleges. Ultimately, our teaching staff will be able to participate in courses in other countries, exchange knowledge and participate in scientific projects worldwide, which will further shape the courses and knowledge we are giving you to a more modern and international standards. We hope you will be able to join us in “sharing and showing our best to the world” as well as “bringing the world to our doorsteps” – two most noble causes as well as tools of modernization.

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